Dice Masters: The Dark Phoenix Saga Booster

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Manufacturer: WizKids/NECA

Each Countertop Display Contains 8 Draft Packs. Draft Packs contain cards and dice that can be added to your collection as normal but are ALSO optimized for draft! Whether you're drafting a team of heroes that normally appear together in comics, or you're focusing on your favorite type of energy, there will be TONS of ways to draft this set! With more than 35 heroes and villains, this set is perfect for veteran players or beginners!

Brand new teams will make their Dice Masters debut! Players will get to collect Xavier's students, intergalactic allies, and cosmic enemies in all new ways! Even if they're already in your Dice Masters collection - these heroes will play like you've never seen them before!

1 Countertop Display - 8 Draft Packs, each of which contains:
  ‣ 3 Full Art Basic Action Cards
  ‣ 12 Full Art Character or Action Cards
  ‣ 24 Dice (2 to match each Character or Action Card)
  ‣ 1 Rules Insert

Ages: 14+
Players: 2
Game Length: 30 minutes

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