World Series of Board Gaming

Please read these rules before signing up to any Competition for this event at Go 4 Games.

By signing up and paying the entry fee for this event, you agree to all terms and conditions set by Go 4 Games. 



  • Board Game Competition events will be held every Tuesday and Sunday, unless otherwise specified, from May 2nd until August 29th. 
  • The trip to WSBG and the Board Game Giveaway are two separate prizes and will not be applied to the same competitor. 
  • For the Board Game giveaway, the player with the HIGHEST point total will choose first from the board game pool, and so on in descending point order. ALSO, for each game WON by the player, they may choose an additional title as a prize, While supplies last.
  • Board Games given away will include games listed in the WSBG Inner Ring Event. This includes: Terraforming Mars, Gaia Project, Azul, Ra, Ark Nova, The Castles of Burgundy, Splendor, Ticket to Ride, Great Western Trail, Cascadia, Dune: Imperium, 7 Wonders, Wingspan, Brass: Birmingham, Patchwork, and Acquire. 
  • All proceeds from the event will 100% pay for the prizing of this event. Go 4 Games will be sponsoring the winning members to go to WSBG. Minimum coverage will pay for winners' tickets to One Ring Event at WSBG. 


Competition Rules

  • Each event will require a $10 entry fee. 
  • Each event will grant you one “punch” on your punch card. After 5 punches, the punch card is redeemable for double points on any game of your choosing. 
  • Punch cards will not stack. Once you redeem your punch card, we will give you a new punch card.
  • A total of two (2) punch cards are required to be considered for winning the trip to World Series of Board Gaming (WSBG) in Las Vegas OR the board game giveaway. 
  • Each board game won will give 3 points. If you attended an event but did not win, you still get 1 point for attendance. 
  • Each week, four (4) board games will be available to play. All played games will come from the list of board games in the Inner Ring events. The four (4) of the week will rotate. 
  • Winners will be awarded 3 points; every other player will be awarded 1 point. 
  • Once a game has been won, that winning player may not play the same board game again. This mimics the setup in the WSBG and ensures fair play among competitors.