Legends of the Five Rings Novel: Curse of Honor

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Fight with Honor
Protect the Realm
Defeat the Darkness

Striking Dawn Castle guards the mountains between the Emerald empire and the demon-haunted Shadowlands. When a mythical city is discovered in the forbidding peaks, Hida Haru, heir and sore disappointment to his family, seizes the opportunity to prove himself. His rash expedition ends in disaster - just one samurai returns alive, and Haru is lost.

Before a power struggle can break out, Striking Dawn's battle-hardened commander, Ochiba, is dispatched to rescue Haru. She succeeds against supernatural horrors, but Haru is...changed. Now, mysterious deaths and ill fortune plague his family. Something evil is loose and must be stopped, at any cost.

336 pages

Note: Published by Aconyte; distributed by Asmodee North America.

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