Dungeons & Dragons: Icons of the Realms Adventure in a Box - Mind Flayer Voyage

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Upgrade your Dungeons & Dragons gameplay, with the Adventure in a Box- Mind Flayer Voyage! Inside you will find 8 3D pre-painted miniatures, from Tiny to Large, 4 different 3D ship dressings, and four battle map tiles to build out your very own Mind Flayer themed adventure. Whether your next clash with Mind Flayers is a brief encounter or a drawn-out scenario, the Adventure in a Box - Mind Flayer Voyage is your place to start. WHAT’S INCLUDED: x4 Intellect devourer, x2 Mind flayer, x1 Ulitharid, x1 Mindwitness, x2 Ceremorphosis Pod, x1 Helm, x1 Spawning Pool, x1 19"x 7" Bridge Deck Map, x1 19 x 7" Battle Deck Map, x1 23" x 6" Cargo Deck Map, x1 23" x 6" Prison Deck Map.

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