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  • Dragon Sky

Dragon Sky

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Dragon Sky


By: Matt Smith and Cliff Wise


Dragon Sky, while it stands alone, is only one half of a much larger story. The core of the book focuses on the struggles of three strangers: Crystal, Alicia, and Assan. All three undergo growth in their own way. Crystal begins as a point of calm in a world of chaos. Is she the only one who has answers to unanswerable questions? But over time her companions learn the truth that they must come to trust their own insights. And Crystal sees that she can't stand alone. Separately, Crystal, Alicia, and Assan, create three elemental beings. While the setting could be referred to as post-apocalyptic, there are many aspects of it that make it unique. What had caused the Apocalypse is still present, lurking in the background: a constant threat more felt than consciously aware of. The "Shades," as they are known, are incarnations of pure terror and only become more terrifying the more the characters learn. The lesson I hope my readers learn from my characters is that perseverance can see you through everything. Try to surround yourself with people who will inspire you.


About the Author


When I was young, my interest in literature was limited by my ability to read. Not long after I was born, I developed a tumor that damaged both eyes. And while reading children's books was easy due to their large font, standard print was extremely difficult. The technology that existed to assist people like me was limited, in its infancy. It wasn't until high school that I found myself eager to read. Thanks to my freshman English teacher, I was introduced to the idea that the writer's words are only half of the story. It's the meaning and symbolism we attribute to them that affect how we experience the world that the author has created. It was also around this time that audiobooks began to be easily accessible. From then on that's how I experienced literature. When I began writing myself, I received a great piece of advice. A close friend of my uncle's, who had agreed to assist in editing this very book, told me that he felt like my book was reading to him. He told me to work hard to accentuate that aspect of my writing. That is advice I took to heart. Hopefully, anyone who reads my books lets my books read to them-as that is the best compliment I could ever receive.