D&D: Adventure in a Box: Wererat Den

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Upgrade your Dungeons & Dragons gameplay with the Adventure in a Box- Wererat Den! Inside you will find 6 pre-painted miniatures, 9 different den dressings, and a two-sided, slide together, tiled battle map to build out your very own wererat themed adventure. Whether your next clash with wererats it is a brief encounter or a drawn out scenario, the Adventure in a Box - wererat Den is your place to start.

Wererat 1
Wererat 2
Wererat 3
Wererat 4
Trash Pile Small
Trash Pile Large
Rat's Nest
Giant Rat
Swarm of Rats
Moldy Cheese Hoard
Rotten Table
Rotten Crate Stack
Sludge Puddle
Rat Covered Bone Pile
6"x6" Double Sided Map

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