A Song of Ice & Fire: Night's Watch Heroes Box 1

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The tough and dnagerous men of the Night's Watch produce some of the most hard-bitten heroes the Seven Kingdoms have seen. From veterans of the Wall on the front lines of battle like Donal Noye and Othell Yarwick to skilled combatants commanding a larger force like Qhorin Halfhand and Alliser Thorne, these men have stood the test of battle and came out determined and dangerous. Even relatively new recruits like Grenn and Pypar quickly adapt to the rigors of heavy combat. At the Wall, life is hard and the challenges many. One either adapts or dies.

6 Miniatures
  ‣ Donal Noye
  ‣ Alliser Thorne
  ‣ Othell Yarwyck
  ‣ Grenn
  ‣ Qhorin Halfhand
  ‣ Pypar
7 Attachment Cards
18 Tactics Cards
3 NCU Cards
4 Special Rules Cards

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