A Song of Ice & Fire: Lannister Heroes #1

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The lords of House Lannister outfit their troops and allies with the very best arms and armor money can buy, can as such they expect their men to do their duty. While not every hero participates in the line-of-battle like the Hound, Tyrion, or Lord Tywin, even Maester Pycelle and the High Sparrow can dominate the battlefield from behind the scenes. Their ruthlessness and cunning operate on levels above the battlefield, where a timely threat or bloody lesson can shift the tide in wholly unexpected ways.

5 Miniatures
  ‣ Sandor Clegane
  ‣ Tywin Lannister
  ‣ Tyrion Lannister
  ‣ The High Sparrow
  ‣ Pycelle
4 Attachment Cards
18 Tactics Cards
3 NCU Cards

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