Warhammer 40k Christmas Market Tournament


Go4 Games Holiday 40k Event December 5th, 2020 12pm

We will be using rules from the Chapter Approved Mission Pack: Grand Tournament 2020. (known as CAMP)

The event will be three rounds (2 hours each).

Painted models are not required, but GT events give 10 points per game for painted armies (see page 7).  Each player will display one unit or model to be voted on for a painting prize.

Pages 4-7 describe game set up and play.

We will be playing INCURSION battles, at 1000 points.

Secondary objectives can be found on pages 8-10 of CAMP or your codex.

Game and terrain rules are found on pages 57-95 of CAMP.

Please bring 5 printed copies of your army list (1 for you, 1 for the judge, and one for each opponent).

Terrain and objective markers will be provided. You need to bring your army, all applicable rules, a tape measure, dice, and something to write with (pencil, pen, etc.)

Tournament score sheets will be provided.  Victory point (VP) totals for each game will be recorded.

Prizes as follows:
1st place: Highest total VP score.
2nd place: Second Highest total VP score
Tactician: Highest single game VP score
Artist: Player voted best painted model/unit.

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