Star Wars Legion League

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A group of mercenaries converges on a remote storage facility under the cover of darkness. After many quiet months in the sector, guards have long since abandoned any pretense of alarm. The attacking forces have identified the most valuable items in the facility and must locate the specific cargo and escape. To do this, they will need to shut down the facility's defense-turret array so that a transport can extract them safely. Caught unaware, the defending forces must fight to stop the attackers at all costs and keep their defenses online... Join us for not one, but two days of Star Wars Legion casual play events! Friday September 30th 12pm to - Sunday October 2nd 12pm to 7pm This will be a casual play event meaning you can just come in to play at any time throughout the day. All battles will be fought using the Dynamic Exit scenario. The cost for the event will be 5 dollars which will get you 1 oversized scenario card 1 slicer gear card 1 token punchcard Those who play at least one game will also receive an Alternate Art Maul unit card Scenario restrictions Disallowed Keywords: Bounty, Infiltrate, Scout X, Secret Mission Army Building: Before building armies, players must decide who will be the blue player and who will be the red player. Players use the Star Wars: Legion Skirmish format army building rules, with the following exceptions - The red player's army cannot exceed 400 points - Armies cannot include support units. For a more narrative-driven experience, players should collaborate during list building to tell a specific story. Player color can be determined by chance cube provided by organizer or by player limitation (say a new player doesn't have a full 500 points, they can be the red player) I will be bringing my Rebels and have both a 500 and 400 point army ready to play and hopefully teach some new folks how to play if they bring their minis! Hope to see you guys there

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