Star Wars: Children of Mandalore X-Wing Event 12pm - 6pm


Entry Fee: $10
Participants will receive all the materials needed to play both scenarios, including the scenario cards, a sheet of punch, and copies of both the Tradition of War and Tradition of Peace condition cards. Additionally, those who participate will also receive a full-art promo Clan Training upgrade card featuring Sabine Wren with the Darksaber.
 At the heart of the kit are two unique scenarios that cast one player as an Aggressor and one as a Protector. In the first, players battle over three caches of beskar, with the Protector seeking to recover as many of these caches as possible while the Aggressor attempts to stop them. Either side can attempt to tow a beskar cache to its board edge and score mission points, but towing a cache limits the actions a ship can take, making it more vulnerable to attack.
 Meanwhile, the second scenario sees the Aggressor attempting to disrupt a military depot preparing shipments of fuel and munitions by destroying as many cargo shuttles as they can. The Protector, meanwhile defends the cargo shuttles while they try to escape.

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