Shatterpoint Charity League


Shatterpoint League

From July 4th to July 30th
Entry: $25
All fees will be into a pool to be distributed as prize support, also in addition to the league, all monies taken in will be matched by Go 4 Games and donated the winning store’s charity in the Louisiana Shatterpoint Charity Tournament. Go 4 Games would like to play for Zeus’ Rescue, this is their mission statement,
“It is the mission, duty, and purpose of Zeus’ Rescues to eradicate pet homelessness and euthanasia within the New Orleans metro area. The organization is further committed to community-building and pet education with a focus on children and the elderly.”
Players will be matched up against one another for three weeks, playing in a 1v1 match, for a total of THREE matches, earning a point per skirmish won. Players will be responsible for scheduling their game times with their opponents through out the week, any player that can not fulfill their game time may ask for a one week extension, but failure to do so will result in a loss, and their scheduled opponent will receive full points for that match. Matches will be scheduled through the store’s Discord server. Matches will start on July 8th.
There will also be small hobby events which will also earn players points throughout the league. The four players with the highest amount of points earned will not only win a share of the prize pool in store credit, but also be asked to represent Go 4 Games in a Shatterpoint Charity tournament against other competing stores in Louisiana!
The winning store will receive a portion of the monies taken in by ALL PARTICIPATING STORES to donate to the charity of their choice. The winning team that represented the winning store, will each receive a custom made, wearable, Series 2 Clone Trooper helmet, marked with a stylized Star Wars themed store logo!
More information about the hobby events will be listed in the Go 4 Games Discord.

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