Rogue Trader Tournament 9/10/22 8am

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2022 Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader Tournament Rules

General Setup:
**There will be 3 Tournaments (March 12, June 4, Sept 10) and 1 Championship (Nov 12).
**Entry fee will be $25. $20 will go directly into the prize pool. $5 will be used to purchase new terrain and playmats.
**Each tournament will be 3 Rounds at 2,000pts (Strike Force size).
**All rules must be 9th edition compliant.
**Use the Chapter Approved: Mission Pack War Zone Nephilim (CAMP)

Models and Rules:
All models must be WYSIWYG and painted (3 color minimum).
All players utilizing the “Raise the Banners High” Secondary Objective are required to bring some form of markers to mark the objectives that they control (these are not part of your Appearance Score). Failure to do so will disqualify the use of this Secondary Objective.
“Counts as” models are allowed, but must CLEARLY represent what they are and be consistently modeled across units. If you have a question, ask for clarification before the tournament.
All published rules (paper or digital) are required to be brought for all models.
No more than one Lord of War slot is allowed.
No unit with a Power Level of 40 or more may be used.
“Designer Commentary”, any official errata/faq, and points changes will be implemented immediately upon issuance.
All new codexes must be publicly released 2 weeks prior to the event.
Tournaments will be held at Go4 Games in Metairie, LA.

Army List Requirements:
Army lists will need to be uploaded to the Best Coast Pairings (BCP Player) app (free app). Army lists will need to be uploaded two weeks before the event date. All lore will need to be emailed to the TO, two weeks prior to the event ([email protected]com)

General Schedule:
Arrival Required by ‪8:00am‬
Announcements ‪8:00am-8:15am‬
Round 1: ‪8:15am-11:15pm‬ [Round 1]
Lunch: ‪11:15am - 12:00pm‬ Lunch
Round ‪2: 12:00-3:00pm ‬[Round 2]
Pub Quiz/Break: ‪3:00-3:30pm‬
Round 3: ‪3:30-6:30pm‬ [Round 3]
Winners announced at 6:45pm‬

**(Terrain will be placed on the table prior to the start of the event and may not be moved for any reason. All terrain will use the rules as listed in Core Rules pages 262-263).
Ruins will be Scalable, Breachable, Light Cover, Defensible, and Obscuring.
Woods and scatter terrain will be Scalable, Dense Cover, Breachable, Defensible, Difficult Ground

**Round 1 will use Conversion (pages 84-85 CAMP)
**Round 2 will use Tide of Conviction (pages 88-89 CAMP)
**Round 3 will use Death and Zeal (pages 90-91 CAMP)

Game Points (100 pts per game)
Sportsmanship (50 pts)
Appearance (100 pts)
Lore (50 pts)
Pub Quiz (50 pts)

Overall (combined score of all categories)
Lore (Lore and pub quiz)


**Game Points (all points will be recorded in the BCP app)

Combined painting and conversion work.
0 pts unless all models are Battle Ready
30 pts for all models at Battle Ready
50 pts for all models better than Battle Ready
70 pts for exceptional work
[all armies receiving 70 pts will be judged for -15 to +15 pts by the judges]
All players can award votes to any number of other players for “fan favorite armies”. Each vote is worth 1 point.

1) Are all of your units and characters named on your army list?
2) Did you turn in written lore that supports your army?
3) Do you have a fancy/elaborate display board or tray that evokes the feel of your army?
4) Did you go above and beyond to display your passion for your army? [cosplay, bubbling jars of goo, elaborate displays, compose and perform a song, etc.]
5) Did you provide three custom objective markers (40mm base size) that thematically match your army?
[Each category will be scored as follows: 0 pts for no effort, 3 pts for minimal effort, 5 pts for reasonable effort, 7 pts for exceptional effort, 10 pts for Black Library effort]

1) Each round, your opponent will vote on your game.
– This person's army design and attitude created a fun game experience (regardless of the outcome) with the goal of mutual enjoyment, I look forward to playing them again. (+15 pts)
– This person's army design and attitude evoked a feeling of tense, but fair competition for both of us (regardless of the outcome). I would be willing to play them again. (+10 pts)
– Either this person's attitude, army, or playstyle was aggressive, but not off-putting. I would be hesitant, but willing to play them again. (+5 pt)
– This person's army design, play style, and/or attitude created a negative play experience for me. I do not want to play them again. (+0 pts)
2) At the end of the tournament, each player will choose their favorite opponent. (+5 pt per vote)

Pub Quiz:
The Pub Quiz questions for the first three Tournaments are all found in the basic rulebook. The Championship Pub Quiz questions can come from any official Warhammer 40,000 lore source (books, board games, WD articles, etc.). Quizzes will be 10 questions worth 5 pts each.

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