Pokemon Juniors League Opener

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Welcome to the glorious beginning of the Go 4 Games Pokemon Juniors League!

- Date for the opening event: Sunday 19 June 2022.
o Time: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
o No open tournament event on this day to allow for space for the juniors league event.
o Approximately 3 hours (Max).
o Participants can bring their own cards and build decks at the event.
o Participants can use the battle stadium box to learn how to play with already pre-made decks- We will have on in the shop or you can bring your own!
o Food and drinks with be provided!
o Each participant will receive a booster pack of Astral Radiance. There will Be a first place prize - A pokemon sealed theme box as well as secondary prizes such as token and promo cards!

This event is being held to start our juniors league with the intention of carrying it through to a juniors championship! Come out and learn to play with Prof Lee!

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