MTG Regional Event Qualifier Saturday Dec 10th 12pm ROUND 2

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Welcome to Go 4 Games Regional Magic the Gathering Qualifier!

The event is Saturday Dec 10th starting at 12pm. Registration open between 10:45am-11:45am. 

Format: Pioneer

As per tournament rules, a deck list is required and will be collected at time of registration.


Included in price- Prize support & bonuses, no one leaves empty handed! 


1st: The Regional Championship series 2 invite, Cash prize of $300 (for "travel expenses") and enamel pin

2nd: Enamel Pin, 20 Set Boosters, Promo Cards + Draft boosters (amount based on attendance) 

3rd & 4th: Enamel Pin, 10 Set Boosters, Promo Cards + Draft boosters (amount based on attendance) 

5th - 8th: Enamel Pin, 5 Set Boosters, Promo Cards + Draft Boosters (amount based on attendance) 

9th and Beyoooondddddd - 

Draft booster for everyone!


Regional Championships for Pro Tour 2 will be scheduled between February 25–April 2 in 2023. The format for these Regional Championships is Standard Constructed.

Top finishers from these Regional Championships earn invitations to the second Pro Tour of 2023 ("Pro Tour 2"), with exact invites varying per region. The winners of each Regional Championship (as well as the finalists in the USA, EMEA, and Japan) will also qualify for Magic World Championship XXIX later in 2023.

Regional Championship promo card:

  • Gideon, Ally of Zendikar: Non-foil versions will be provided to Regional Championship participants, while top finishers from each region will receive a traditional foil version of the card as well. This printing of Gideon, Ally of Zendikar features new artwork from Alexis Ziritt.
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