Infinite Jonathans

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Due to a small oversight, all of the Jonathans have been accidentally teleported to the SAME DIMENSION! In the mix-up, you have also become a Jonathan! CONGRATULATIONS! (Take a moment to applaud yourself!). But there can only be one Jonathan in any given dimension. Do not stress. We have devised a simple and efficient way to determine who is the rightful Jonathan, and make everything peachy again. All you have to do is: Reveal SECRET CHOICES on your Jono-Scope!

  • LIE, TRICK & BACKSTAB... Lure opposing Jonathans into your traps!
  • ...BATTLE ENEMY JONATHANS... And bid Jonergy for the TROPHIES!

Prove that you are the most Jonathan-y Jonathan that ever Jonathaned in this dimension. Succeed, and you will be crowned the ultimate title of ......drumroll...... JONATHAN PRIME!

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