Encounter In-A-Box: Wagon Ambush

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Bloodthirsty bandits haunt the local roads, preying on all who cross their path. Risking life, limb, and inventory, a traveling merchant will brave the bandit-infested roads between him and his next day of sale; but he won't be braving it alone. Can your party of adventurers protect the merchant from the bandit threat? With Encounter in a Box: Wagon Ambush, you can find out! From maps to miniatures this box contains everything you need to run during a tabletop encounter. 

1 Wagon
1 Horse
1 Pack Mule
1 Cheval de Frise Barricade
1 Bandit Leader (Miniature)
1 Thief (2D Mini)
1 Crossbow Bandit (2D Mini)
1 Knife Bandit (2D Mini)
1 Male Merchant (2D Mini)
2 Double-Sided Map Tiles
1 Scenario Insert

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