Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Miniatures: Icons of the Realms Set 19 Snowbound Booster Brick (8)

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Collect all 46 figures from Snowbound, the newest set of randomly sorted monsters and characters in our exciting line of D&D miniatures, Icons of the Realms. This Icons of the Realms fantasy miniature release comes in two product configurations: the Huge Booster and the Huge Booster 8 Ct. Brick. Huge Boosters each contain four figures total: 1 Huge or Large figure and 3 Medium or Small figures. Huge Booster Bricks contain 8 Standard Boosters (32 figures total). Huge Cases contain 4 Standard Bricks (32 Standard Boosters, 128 figures total). Single Booster SKU: 96076 Single Booster UPC: 63448296076-9 Customers who purchase 4 unit(s) of WZK 96075 should receive 1 unit(s) of WZK 96080PR. This offer will be limited to 1 unit(s) of WZK 96080PR per 4 unit(s) of WZK 96075 purchased, while supplies last.
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