Dominaria Tiny Leaders League 9/23

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Date: 9/16 til 9/30
Entry: $20
Format: Tiny Leaders will have the following stipulations:

 PAUPER – no cards of rarity higher than Common in ANY SET.  BRAWL – 60 card deck size, sets available to choose from are from the CURRENT STANDARD BLOCK.

 TINY LEADERS COMMANDER – This card may be of ANY Rarity, but MUST have been printed in the DOMINARIA UNITED SET, this includes “Legends” cards found in the Collector’s packs.

 Players may change their decks/Tiny Leader at any time during the league, but they may not change them during a match.

 This event is an OPEN PLAY FORMAT, with ONE Extra formal tournament days. Players will play against any other Tiny Legends player whenever they are both in the shop. The winning player will collect the name of the losing player on their “List of Leaders”

 The extra tournament day will be 9/24 at 5pm. There will be a separate entry fee for these events, ($10) but that will go straight into prize support for THAT particular day. Payouts done just like FNM. During these formal tournament days, each win is worth DOUBLE POINTS, and 1st will earn 10 extra pts, 2nd will earn 5 extra pts, and 3rd will earn 2 extra pts.

The top 4 players in the points standings will play against one another in a single elimination mini tournament. 1st place will take home a sealed box of Dominaria United Set boosters, 2nd – 4th will each take home 4 draft packs of Dominaria United.

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