Blood on the Clocktower Competitive Play


This is your ticket to a night full of mystery and deception!!!

Time: Every Wednesday,gather at 6pm, start of 7pm

Blood on the Clocktower is a new social deduction game in the style of Werewolf and Mafia but takes the genre to a new level!

Every player has a unique ability and remains involved in the game to the finale because, Death Is Not The End. If you die, you still play on as a ghost helping (or hurting) the town to find and execute the Demon!

There will be a $5 entry fee per person which covers your overnight pass. It will also fund the prize pools that will be awarded each week in the form of store credit! Each week will feature different achievements that players can win. They will change each week depending on the script we play, and the roles in the game.

If you want to join us or have any questions, please check out the Go 4 Games Discord! See you then and Happy Hunting!

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