Store and Gaming Rules

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Store and Gaming  Rules

While we here at Go 4 Games wish everyone could be in the store gaming with us, the current situation will not allow that. We have some simple rules to allow you all to continue shopping and gaming in store with us. 


1. Masks are required in the store at all times. If you remove your mask, you will receive a warning. If you remove your mask twice, you will be asked to leave the store for the day. If you are a repeat offender, we may be forced to ask you not to come back until masks are no longer required.


2. We are requiring everyone to have their temperature taken before coming into the store. We have a temperature gauge which does not require contact to take your temperature. If you have a temperature of 100 degrees or more you will not be allowed in the store. 


3. Everyone entering the store will be required to sign in. Signing in will include your name, the date, and a contact method. This is so that if someone tests positive after the fact, we can contact everyone who was in the store on that day. 


4. If you have been ill in the last 3 days, we ask that you do not enter the store. 


5. No eating in the store for the time being. This is because you have to remove your mask to eat. You are more than welcome to step outside to eat but, please do not remove your mask in store (refer back to rule #1). 


6. Our maximum capacity is 16 including employees. 


7. No groups larger than 4 playing at a single table at a time. 


8. Tabletop reservations must be made 24 hours in advance


If you are unable or are uncomfortable entering the store, we are still offering curbside service and delivery. You can browse our entire inventory on our web store,