Go 4 Games Malifaux Narrative Campaign Rules

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Go 4 Games Malifaux Narrative Campaign Rules

Rules for the Go 4 Games Malifaux Narrative Campaign

All Players MUST commit to ONE Faction.
Players may change Masters before every matchup, but they may never change their faction for the entirety of the narrative campaign.
Crew Building:
35 Soulstones
Out of faction hires: shared keyword only.
The “Cache” is a starting amount given to all players at the start of each interval. When Crew building any excess Soul Stones beyond 3 are lost. So for the very first match up, the maximum that a player may start with is 6 Soul Stones.
Soul Stones will be a value recorded throughout the league. Players will be able to use them for both in-game play AND out-of-game uses. We will announce out of game uses during the league.
Each matchup will net the winning player more Soul Stones to add to their cache equal to the difference in Victory Points between both players. The Losing player will receive 2 Soul Stones.
The max Soul Stones a Player KEEP after a game is 10.
Players will be assigned a matchup each week, it is completely up to the players involved where and when to play their game. All games must be reported to the shop by the given deadline to be included in the narration of the campaign. Any matchups not reported will simply not count.
Players are encouraged to highlight eventful moments in their matchups so to help "spice" up the narrative and give some moments to shine in the story for their faction.
At the End of each Month interval, certain players will be awarded "Roles" in the city of Malifaux. These roles both will provide the player with a "VOTE" in the narrative AND a small discount at Go 4 Games.
There will be one "Invite Only" event to certain players during each interval. This will be an exclusive event with the winner determining a major plot point in the narrative.
Matchup reporting will be through the Go 4 Games Website.
Every matchup will earn points for the competing factions, those points will influence the direction of the narrative.
START DATE: 2/8/21 - 3/8/21
Length: 3 months, (split into 3 ONE MONTH INTERVALS)
This are the following rules for ALL matchups during the league, unless otherwise stated.
Each week, the Narrator (Mac) will determine the shared Scenario for all matchups, then players will choose their personal general schemes in accordance with the rules from the book.
Players will ONLY be privy to the opposing player's Faction before each Matchup. 
All Matchups will last a total of 5 rounds.
Master of Malifaux: $25 gift certificate every interval.
Attain: Most won games, fully painted gang, 100% participation for 3 wk period.
Goblin Master of Malifaux: $5 gift certificate every interval.
Attain: fully painted gang, 100% participation for 3 wk period
Builder of Malifaux: 20% off tools and modeling supplies
Attain: Voted best custom terrain features brought to games after 3 wks
Goblin Builder of Malifaux: 10% off tools and modeling supplies
Attain: Voted best model basing brought to games after 3 wks
Malifaux Bourgeoisie: 20% off sleeves, carrying cases, battlefoam
Attain: Voted best "accoutrements" for gaming supplies brought to games such as tokens, sleeves, carrying case, tray, deck box, etc.
Goblin Socialite: 10% off deck boxes
Attain: Voted Best Attire worn to games, HATS earn extra points!
Historical Caretaker of Malifaux: 25% off all Faction books
Attain: Voted best contributed fiction submitted to add to the narrative, contributes at least two pieces of fiction.
Goblin Gossip Operator: 10% off all faction books
Attain: Submits the most entertaining battle reports. (This role will be the only one awarded solely by the organizer)


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